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Updated: 2/3/19

Caesars Rewards – United Kingdom

Here's a first-hand report from a Seven Stars cardholder (some of you might know him from his "handle" Peripatos) who visited the United Kingdom (UK) recently:

The [London] casinos are very different [from U.S. casinos]. They do not offer video poker and they are limited to 20 slot machines, so most action is table games and roulette machines.

The slot machines they do have are the modern type with 20 to 30 different games to choose from. Most machines were identical. They are almost all what I call the "penny cartoon type games."

Bets are a range of 40p (approximately US$.54) to £5 per hit.

Tier credit earnings seem to be about the same as in the United States, i.e., £3 (approximately US$4) per point.

When you put money/ticket in a machine you have to keep transferring amounts from your "bank" to money available to play in £10 pound increments as you play.

Also, when you cash out a ticket of say £500, their redemption machines spit it out in £10 notes.

We went twice to The Sportsman and once to the Playboy Club in London. [Some of the machines at the Playboy Club actually tell you their hold percentage when you hit the Information/Help button on the machines. One game was 94 percent; another was 92 percent.]

We preferred The Sportsman, though they both have nice high-end restaurants which offer very reasonable prices for excellent food. During all three visits we had dinner and they comped our meals, even though we didn’t have any Reward Credits.

Employees were great and service was great.

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■ To take full advantage of your U.S. Caesars Rewards status on a trip to the United Kingdom – there are eight – be sure to apply for a UK Caesars Rewards card before you leave the United States.

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