You now have the option of booking your own airline ticket(s) for your annual Seven Stars Retreat.
  • Call your host or the VIP services hotline (877-7-PLAYER) to reserve your room.
  • Book your flight with the airline of your choice.
  • While at the casino during your stay, visit the Caesars Rewards Center and present your airline receipt.
  • Caesars Rewards will issue you a casino play voucher (slots or table games) for reimbursement.
  • Take your voucher to the cashier to receive your casino play.

Updated: 9/7/19

Your Seven Stars Annual Retreat
Tips to make it better, easier to plan

Arrangements for this trip must be made at least 14 days prior to departure and must be completed by January 31.

Insider Tip

If you're traveling to a city where there is more than one casino, e.g., Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Tunica, ask your host to research which casino may provide you the best offer(s), e.g., free slot or match play, show tickets, etc.  Note, though, that not all of your offers can be combined with an annual retreat.  You may be able to participate in a slot tournament to which you were invited, but you may not be able to go on that $500 shopping spree at the Forum Shops to which you received an offer.

Insider Tip

Always try to get the most expensive ticket possible – even if you have to pay a little extra out of your own funds.  While it's rare, if you have to reschedule, and Passport rebooks your flight(s), you will get a credit only for the amount of your original ticket(s).  In other words, if you book two tickets and the total fare is $800.  If you have to rebook and fare increases to $1,000, you will have to pay the additional $200.  You've lost that additional $400 you would have had available to you if you'd booked a more expensive fare.
The trip must be taken to a destination where Caesars Rewards has a casino.  Note, though, that casinos without hotels, e.g., Horseshoe Hammond, Horseshoe Baltimore, etc., are under no obligation to accept any request for a retreat.

Air transportation arrangements, valued at no more than $1,200, are made by your host through Caesars travel agency, Passport Travel (or its designated alternate).  (For those of you who, due to medical conditions or personal reasons, are unable to fly, ask your host about other potential transportation options.)

Keep in mind that Passport charges a fee of $10 to $25 per ticket which is deducted from your credit.

Before your host confirms your flight arrangements, be sure to ask to review the itineraries.

Insider Tip

At least 24 hours before your departure, ask your host to reconfirm your hotel arrangements – especially that the $500 credit* account has been set-up and what it includes (alcohol, for example, is sometimes not included due to tribal or state regulations).  If your host can't do this, do it yourself.

While, theoretically, this credit is to be used only for certain food and beverage purchases, as well as “in-house shows”, check with the front desk to see if it might be used for spa treatments, golf or other charges.

Better yet, in advance of your visit, use the "Contact Us" feature on the Caesars Rewards website and ask what's included.  That way you'll have something in writing.

Also, if you don't already have one, ask for an onsite contact who is familiar with your trip at the casino/hotel destination.  This could be very important should problems arise. 
*While Caesars Rewards is trying to make this uniform, in most cases the $500 is in the form of a folio credit against which you sign your eligible charges.  At some casinos, e.g., Harrah’s New Orleans, your Caesars Rewards account will be credited with 50,000 Reward Credits (US$500).  Still others may choose to split the $500 between a folio credit at the hotel in which you’re staying and comped meals at the casino’s restaurants.
Check this pre-confirmation very carefully, because once the flight is ticketed, there will be a charge for changes or cancellations.  Note, too, that, unless you request otherwise, you will be booked on the least expensive ticket available for your itinerary.  This might mean that the trip is not eligible for upgrading (at your expense) or that you will not receive full (or any) mileage credit in your designated frequent flyer program.  Ask about this if that is important to you

Since your retreat package includes round-trip transportation not necessarily a limousine between the destination airport and casino, be sure to get a contact number for the car service the casino has contracted for this.  If your flight is delayed for any reason, the car service may be aware of this, but it’s always a good idea to call to reconfirm if your flight is arriving later than originally scheduled.

It's rare, but Seven Stars cardholders and their travel companions may fly on different airlines with different itineraries from different cities and on different days.

And, just because the trip includes up to a four-night stay at a Caesars Rewards property does not mean that you must return on the fifth day.  You can fly to your destination and not check-in to the designated Caesars property (when your $500 folio credit kicks in) for several days.  Conversely, once the Seven Stars portion of your trip is completed, you may remain at your destination for as long as you like (at your own expense).

Insider Tip

Research your travel options on the Internet first and provide your host (by email if possible) with exact departure and arrival dates and times, airline and flight numbers, frequent flyer account number(s) – if applicable, home contact number(s), and preferred seating requests (aisle, window). There is less room for error if you do this.
Note, however, that the round-trip limo transfer will be affected.  Unless approved otherwise by the destination casino, you may be transferred only from the destination airport to the destination casino and vice versa.  That means, for example, if you fly to Las Vegas and stay at New York New York for the first three days, transfer to Caesars Palace for four nights, and then return to McCarren, the only complimentary transfer Caesars Rewards will provide will be from Caesars to the airport.

Finally, to be sure you take full advantage of all that your chosen Caesars Rewards property offers, click on the link found on the home page, and read a full description of the hotel and casino, along with any special Seven Stars benefits it may offer.

For those who are unable to travel, or don't want to travel, as an alternative, at your request, Caesars Rewards will deposit 50,000 Reward Credits (US$500 in comps) into your account.  Considering the airfare benefit alone is worth up to $1,200, it’s an alternative you should consider only if you’re unable to travel.  Dollar value aside, of course Caesars wants you to take the trip because it knows you probably will lose at least as much as the trip is worth.  Just keep in mind, you’re under no obligation to set foot in the casino.  If nothing else, use the trip to visit relatives or friends, or go sightseeing.