First-Hand Reports From Seven Stars Cardholders
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What’s Been Your Experience?

Readers have expressed interest in some first-hand accounts from those of you who have earned Signature Experience credits.  What did you use your credits for?   If you took a trip or a tour, can you provide any details that aren’t described on the Caesars Rewards website?  Would you recommend your Experience to others?  All “reviews” are anonymous.  Email your comments to me at

Flight Upgrades, Las Vegas Speedway, NCL Cruises

I have used Experience Credits towards airfare upgrading to first class for three people to Las Vegas.  I used other credits for the Las Vegas Speedway Experience, and still others for a cruise in a Haven Penthouse.  It was worth the experiences. Should you find yourself with Experience Credits, then definitely use them, but don't play to earn them.  We can get better cruise offers playing onboard NCL ships for less money.  If players have that many tier credits then they probably have plenty of Reward Credits that could be used for experiences of their choice, including flight upgrades.  Here are some details:
  • 2 Credits - NASCAR laps at Las Vegas Speedway.  My son-in-law did the track over 100 mph and loved it.   I watched. This was done the end of February with great weather.   I think the track has a shuttle which makes stops at various hotels, but my host booked a limo for us to the track.  Upon arrival the person to drive is taken for their "outfit" fitting while others in the party are taken to a room to look at racing pictures and descriptions.  Afterward the driver joins the party and are placed in a room to watch video instructions. This is the longest boring part for spectators - about 60-90 minutes before driving begins.   If you like speed it is great.   There are size/weight requirements and drivers must be able to get a leg up into the car and pull themselves into it.

  • 8 Credits - NCL penthouse cruise.   The penthouses are H7 category located at the very front or back of ship (Breakaway and Getaway).  This is Haven access.  The suites are nice with living/dining area and wet bar counter for coffee, etc.  Bedroom with king bed is a separate room.   Bathroom is very full-size with long double vanity, water closet, oversized shower, spa tub and make-up vanity.  This is luxury and great if you like cruising.  Due to locations this is the longest jog on the ships from elevator to penthouse.  Not recommended for those with walking issues. I found more negative than positive of having Haven access.

Port Fees

I used 2015 Experience Credits to pick up port fees and charges for an NCL cruise. I thought it was a pretty good use since it saved me approximately $400 on a Bermuda cruise.  (4/1/16)