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 Tips On How To Make the Most Of Your Seven Stars Benefits

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Arizona, Maricopa (Phoenix)

Harrah's Ak-Chin Phoenix

California, Valley Center (San Diego - North)

Harrah's Resort Southern California

Illinois, Joliet

Harrah's Joliet Hotel and Casino

Illinois, Metropolis

Harrah's Metropolis Casino & Hotel

Indiana, Hammond

Horseshoe Casino Hammond

Iowa, Council Bluffs

Harrah's Council Bluffs/Horseshoe Council Bluffs

Louisiana, Bossier City

Harrah's Louisiana Downs Casino and Racetrack

Horseshoe Casino Bossier City

Louisiana, New Orleans
Harrah's New Orleans

Maryland, Baltimore

Horseshoe Casino Baltimore

Mississippi, Biloxi

Harrah's Gulf Coast

Mississippi, Tunica

Horseshoe Casino Tunica
Nevada, Las Vegas

Bally's Las Vegas
Nevada, Laughlin

Nevada, Reno

Harrah's Reno Casino and Hotel

North Carolina, Cherokee
Ohio, Cincinnati
Pennsylvania, Chester (Philadelphia)
Ontario, Windsor
Caesars Windsor

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    Benefits To Using Your Card At Non-Caesars Casinos

    Why This Web Site?

    Insider Tip

    To claim any or all of your five annual Seven Stars $100 Celebration Dinner vouchers, simply go to the appropriate promotional kiosk at any Caesars casino. (In Las Vegas, Harrah's New Orleans or at Harrah's Philadelphia – and perhaps some other TR casinos – you'll have to go to the Total Rewards Center.)  While you can print your vouchers at any time, try to wait until the day you're going to use the voucher(s).   Even though a lost or damaged voucher can be replaced, it can be time-consuming and you might not be able to get it on the day you want to use it. The vouchers are good at any Caesars-owned restaurant, and an advance reservation is recommended.  [Diamond cardholders, follow the same procedure for your annual $100 Celebration Dinner.]
    Although Seven Stars Insider has absolutely no connection or affiliation with Caesars Entertainment Corp. or Total Rewards®, it was created to provide much needed information about the Seven Stars program.

    Ask many Seven Stars cardholders and they will admit they most likely learned more about the program and its benefits from another Seven Stars cardholder.  Too many hosts and other employees are woefully undereducated about the program and its benefits.

    Since the site was launched, even several Caesars employees (who obviously wish to remain anonymous) claim they have learned more from this Web site than from Caesars itself.

    Seven Stars cardholders, as well as Caesars players in general, say they appreciate the objective opinions, tips and other information the site contains.  Even several travel agents who send many clients to Las Vegas (and other locations featured here) say they find value in the comments shared on the site
    NOTE: Because much of the information about individual casinos (see left) comes from various sources, if anyone sees incorrect or out-of-date information, please e-mail sevenstarsinsider@gmail.com.
    Seven Stars – The Basics
    Seven Stars is the highest tier level in Caesars Entertainment Corporation's Total Rewards® program, requiring 150,000 or more tier credits in a calendar year.  Seven Stars is preceded by Diamond, Platinum and Gold. Diamond cardholders are required to earn 15,000 to 149,999 tier credits in a calendar year; Platinum, 5,000 to 14,999 tier credits; Gold is the entry-level card available to anyone eligible who signs up.  Starting in 2013 Caesars began to recognize Total Rewards cardholders who earned at least 40,000 tier credits, but not enough to achieve Seven Stars.  Aspiration Level 1 is achieved at 40,000 tier credits and Aspiration Level 2 at 80,000.  To learn more about this, click here.  To view more information about Seven Stars, click here.

    Insider Tip

    Ask your hosts to change their voicemail during vacations and on their days off. Also, ask them to post their regular work schedules as part of the signature block on their outgoing emails.  In addition, when they will be away for extended periods, remind them to set-up the "Out-of-Office Reply" feature on their e-mail programs. There is nothing more frustrating than leaving a phone message or sending an e-mail, only to find out a week (or more!) later that they were on vacation. Be sure, too, that you have an alternate contact at each property where you have a host.
    As an enhancement to encourage greater play during a "promotional day" (generally, 6 a.m. to 5:59 a.m. the next; however, click here to find a list of casinos that use a different schedule), Total Rewards offers Bonus Tier Credits:
    • Earn 500 Tier Credits, receive 125 Bonus Tier Credits
    • Earn 1,000 Tier Credits, receive 1,000 Bonus Tier Credits
    • Earn 2,500 Tier Credits, receive 5,000 Bonus Tier Credits
    • Earn 5,000 Tier Credits, receive 10,000 Bonus Tier Credits
    Note, though, that while tier credits are earned during a calendar year (January 1 through December 31), tier benefits are available February 1 through January 31 the following year.  [One exception is the Seven Stars Experiences (see below).  Other exceptions are for booking and completing the benefits associated with the Diamond Aspiration Levels 1 and 2.]  Note, too, that a Diamond cardholder earning Seven Stars status, say, in August 2016, would be eligible for all the Seven Stars benefits – including the Annual Retreat and Celebration Dinner(s) – through January 31, 2017, plus all the Seven Stars benefits again through January 31, 2018.

    Insider Tip

    Other than the system-wide benefits – complimentary rooms, priority check-in and extended late check-out, annual trip [including up to a $1,200 airfare credit, hotel accommodations for up to four nights (two-night minimum stay), transportation to and from the destination airport, and $500 credit toward food and beverage (at some casinos, alcoholic beverages are excluded)], five $100 vouchers towards meals (see above), annual cruise, Companion Card, Signature Events, and special rewards offers – many casinos, hotels and spas throughout the country offer site-specific additional benefits.  To see which casinos offer these click here.
    Just earning 150,000 tier credits in a calendar year does not automatically grant you Seven Stars status.  You must be invited to join!  Also, once you achieve 150,000 credits, it can take a couple weeks to get your credentials.  The reason for the delay is that Caesars checks to make sure you don't have any outstanding financial obligations to the company, and that you don't have any complaints for disruptive behavior.

    Caesars marketing efforts to the contrary, Seven Stars cardholders who want the best treatment (at their tier level) are still better off staying and playing at one property, or, if applicable, at least one property in each of Caesars two major "hubs" – Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Those who travel a great deal and play at different Caesars properties around the country will find themselves besieged with offers from those properties after one visit – even though they may never intend, or have the opportunity, to visit them again. Meanwhile, special offers from casinos they may play at more frequently, slowly disappear.

    Seven Stars Signature Experiences
    Upon earning 250,000 tier credits, cardholders receive one Experience Credit.  For every additional 250,000 tier credits they earn through December 31 they receive an additional Experience Credit.  These credits can be used to book one or more Signature Experiences.  All Experiences must be booked no later than January 31 of the following year, and completed no later than June 30.  Experience credits earned through play in 2015 must be redeemed by May 31 and used or completed by June 30, 2016.  You cannot carry over credits from one year to the next or combine credits earned in different years.
    Seven Stars Signature Events
    Four separate Signature Events will take place this year:
    • Lake Tahoe - June 8 - 12
    • Atlantic City - June 23 - 26
    • Las Vegas - August 24 - 28
    • New Orleans - September 15 - 18

    Call (888) 509-0519 to register.

    Seven Stars Companion Card
    At a minimum, among other benefits, the Seven Stars Companion Card entitles the designated individual (who does not need to be a player, but must register for a Total Rewards® card) to Seven Stars/Diamond/VIP hotel check-in; jumping to the head of the line (behind any other Seven Stars cardholders already in line, of course) at restaurants, gift giveaways, etc.; and admittance to Diamond and Seven Stars Lounges – restrictions may apply.  Note, too, that the companion does not need to be a legally recognized spouse; it can be a friend, relative, same-sex legally recognized partner, etc.