While I have no interest in lunch or dinner at Buca di Beppo, I was curious what sort of breakfast service it would offer.

      The menu includes the standard fare of eggs, pancakes, french toast, etc., plus there’s a $16.99 buffet which is a pretty good deal considering that a cup of coffee is $3.65 and most entrées are in the $10-$12 range – not including any sort of breakfast meat like bacon or sausage.  (There are no separate Total Rewards prices.)

      The buffet includes an assortment of muffins and mini-pastries (skip the “croissants” – they’re dreadful), whole


In addition to the open dining areas at Buca di Beppo there are some smaller private rooms on the perimeter of the restaurant. One room features a bust of Pope Francis – which looks more like a decapitated head – on display in the center of a large round table. Suspended above is a “crystal” chandelier and other papal memorabilia decorates the walls. I’m not Catholic but I found the entire display inappropriate and disrespectful. I was uncomfortable just being nearby. I can’t even imagine sitting at that table staring at His Holiness – or having “him” stare at me! – while trying to digest my dinner. Can you imagine the outcry if a room featured a similar set-up but with a bust of Muhammad or Buddha?
fruit like oranges, apples (with the UPC stickers still on them!) and bananas (that were well past their prime), assorted dry and hot cereals, two types of potatoes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, two types of sausage, bacon, etc.  Eggs can be prepared to order, as well, but omelettes are made on a flat-top griddle so what you get is a thin egg “crepe” filled with whatever you asked for.  Sorry, but I like mine a little thicker and fluffier – and not so well done.

      Service was sketchy at best – not for lack of servers; however, most of them were just standing around talking to each other.  There was no sign of a manager.

      Tables are tiny.  My party of three barely had room for our breakfast dishes, pots of regular and decaffeinated coffee, coffee mugs, sweeteners and creamers, and a plate of butter and jellies – especially since dirty dishes weren’t cleared very promptly, taking up valuable “real estate”.

      I can’t image lunch or dinner with the bowls and plates of the chain’s signature family-style dishes.  A party of four and just one bowl would take up the whole table.

      And, finally, let’s hope those skimpy paper napkins they use at breakfast are replaced at lunch and dinner either with larger and more substantial ones, or, hopefully, cloth.  What is it with Caesars and its aversion to decent cloth napkins?
     With the opening of Buca di Beppo, Arturo's is open only on Fridays and Saturdays.