Updated: 1/4/18
FAQs (answers to some of your common questions)

NOTE: These are not "official" answers.  Please consult a host or use the "Contact Us" feature on the Total Rewards website under FAQs.

Annual Gift
How do I claim my annual Seven Stars gift?
  There no longer is an annual gift.  In 2015 it was "replaced" with a gift (Galaxy Tablet) given out at whichever casino's Seven Stars renewal event you were invited to.  This practice continued in 2017 with a Samsung 9.6 16GB Tablet.

Aspirations Levels 1 and 2

I've already earned 150,000 tier credits this year so I am Seven Stars through January 31 of the year after next but my host tells me I don't get the $100 Diamond dinner or the Level 1 and 2 Aspirations trips.  Is this really the case?  There are two different answers to this question depending on when you first made Seven Stars.  Like Seven Stars benefits, most Diamond benefits are earned one year and available to you the next, but others are not.

Celebration Dinners

Answer 1 - If you went into the current calendar year as a Seven Stars cardholder, once you've earned 15,000 or more tier credits in the current calendar year, you can't claim a $100 dinner until Feb. 1 of the following year but that's only if you don't earn at least 150,000 tier credits by the end of the current calendar year.  [This means you revert to Diamond status for the following "program year" (Feb. 1 through Jan. 31).]  If you earn 150,000 or more tier credits by the end of the current year, you'll get the $500 dinner (actually five $100 certificates), good anytime during the following program year  (Feb. 1 through Jan. 31).

Answer 2 - If you went into the current calendar year as a Diamond cardholder based on your play the previous calendar year then, yes, you get a $100 dinner beginning Feb. 1 of the following program year (Feb. 1 through Jan. 31), but, as outlined above, if you began the current calendar year as a Seven Stars cardholder, then you cannot. 

Aspiration Benefits
[beginning in 2018, there no longer are Aspiration benefits]

In terms of Aspirations benefits, these are available to you immediately whether you are Diamond or Seven Stars cardholder once you earn 40,000 and 80,000 tier credits, respectively, but must be booked no later than January 31 of the following calendar year and completed by June 30 of that year.  What's confusing is that Caesars is running two parallel programs. . .some with benefits available to you immediately, e.g., Aspiration Levels 1 and 2, and others for which you have to wait until the new program year (which begins Feb. 1) to use.  What also throws a wrench into the gears is that the first time you reach Diamond or Seven Stars you essentially get two sets of benefits, one that's available to you right away, and another that begins with the new program year.  Specifically, if you're already Diamond or Seven Stars, just because you reach 15,000 tier credits you cannot claim any $100 dinner until Feb. 1 of the following program year.  For one thing, there is no Diamond $100 dinner if you are currently a Seven Stars cardholder.  That's a benefit exclusively for those who earned 15,000 or more tier credits, but less than 150,000 tier credits, in any calendar year.  Since you obviously earned more than 150,000 tier credits last year you get the $500 dinner (five $100 certificates to use in any combination you want).  In terms of the 40,000 and 80,000 benefits, yes, you get those.  However, you must book those trips by Jan. 31 of the following calendar year and complete them by June 30 of that year. Tell your host to check out the rules published on the Total Rewards website.

I am a first-time Seven Stars cardholder.  I already have earned 90,000 tier credits this year.  Am I also eligible for Aspiration Level 1 and 2 benefits?
  Yes.  See above for more details.

I called a host to book four nights [at a casino outside Las Vegas].  She said one of the nights I wanted was sold out.  Without asking me she used my Aspiration Level 1 Getaway to secure the reservation.  If I use my Level 1 for this trip does that mean I am giving up the High Roller tickets that are part of Level 1?
  The High Roller tickets for Level 1 and 2 are totally separate from any hotel stay.  You just have to be
physically in Vegas to claim them.

Atlantis Trip
Can I combine my Annual Retreat benefits with the Atlantis offer?  No, you're on your own to get to the Bahamas and Atlantis.  The retreat must be taken to a city where there is a Total Rewards casino

I already have more than 150,000 tier credits and just reviewed the Level 1 and 2 benefits.  Both mention the Atlantis stay.   Does that mean I can do the Atlantis stay three times?
  No, just once, but since you're already Seven Stars you’ll get the most benefits based on that status.

Companion Card
Does the Companion cardholder get Resort Fees waived?  Only if your companion has his/her own Diamond card.  The Resort Fee waiver is based on the tier status of the person in whose name the room is booked.

Can Companion cardholders get an upgraded hotel room when they are not with their Seven Stars cardholder?  How about a free room without their Seven Stars cardholder?   Upgrades and free rooms are available to Companion cardholders based on their own status and play.   The Companion card simply gets someone to the head of the line for check-in, giveaways, restaurant admission, Diamond/Seven Stars Lounge admission, etc.

'Home Casino'
Harrah's Philadelphia is the Caesars property closest to my home and the property I visit most frequently.  However, by far, the bulk of my play is at Harrah's New Orleans.  I made one trip to New Orleans last year and earned about 75,000 tier credits (including bonuses).  I've also made 10 to 12 trips to Harrah's Philadelphia last year, but only earned about 4,000 tier credits.  This is the sentence from the Seven Stars Rules & Regulations that gives me pause:  "Retreat must be taken outside of the region where the Seven Stars guest plays most."  I want to use my Seven Stars Annual Retreat to return to New Orleans, but I'm not sure if I play "most" there or Philadelphia.  What's your take on this?  "Where you play most" is defined by Caesars/Total Rewards as the casino you visit most not where you spend the most money or earn the most tier credits.   I'm in a similar situation.  One person I know lives 15 minutes from Harrah's Philadelphia.  Because they're always sending him free play offers, gift offers, etc., "technically" he visits that casino most, but drops most of his money in Atlantic City.   I know of other similar situations one of which is someone who lives very close to Harrah's Cherokee, but rarely visits there.   Instead she takes a lot of junkets to Atlantic City as a "free" way to visit her sister who lives in New Jersey.  Consequently, she is coded to Atlantic City.

Resort Fees

Does the Companion cardholder get Resort Fees waived?  Only if your companion has his/her own Diamond card.  The Resort Fee waiver is based on the tier status of the person in whose name the room is booked.

Signature Events

Can you attend the Signature Event in the city that’s also your “home casino”?  Yes, that "home casino" restriction applies only to your Annual Retreat.  (In 2018, the Signature Events in Lake Tahoe and New Orleans are limited to cardholders who earned at least 500,000 tier credits in 2017, or earn 500,000 prior to the Events in 2018.)

Can you attend more than one Signature Event?  No, unless you earned 500,000 or more tier credits during the current calendar year or last calendar year.